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此术语表旨在提供 Kubernetes 术语的完整、标准列表。其中包含特定于 Kubernetes 的技术术语以及能够构造有用的语境的一般性术语。


The inner components of Kubernetes.
Related to Kubernetes open-source development.
A resource type that Kubernetes supports by default.
Supported customizations of Kubernetes.
Relevant for a first-time user of Kubernetes.
How Kubernetes components talk to each other (and to programs outside the cluster).
Starting and maintaining Kubernetes.
Keeping Kubernetes applications safe and secure.
How Kubernetes applications handle persistent data.
Software that makes Kubernetes easier or better to use.
Represents a common type of Kubernetes user.
Applications running on Kubernetes.
Architecture Community Core Object Extension Fundamental Networking Operation Security Storage Tool User Type Workload 全选 全不选

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