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Client Libraries

This page contains an overview of the client libraries for using the Kubernetes API from various programming languages.

To write applications using the Kubernetes REST API, you do not need to implement the API calls and request/response types yourself. You can use a client library for the programming language you are using.

Client libraries often handle common tasks such as authentication for you. Most client libraries can discover and use the Kubernetes Service Account to authenticate if the API client is running inside the Kubernetes cluster, or can understand the kubeconfig file format to read the credentials and the API Server address.

Officially-supported Kubernetes client libraries

The following client libraries are officially maintained by Kubernetes SIG API Machinery.

LanguageClient LibrarySample Programs

Community-maintained client libraries

The following Kubernetes API client libraries are provided and maintained by their authors, not the Kubernetes team.

LanguageClient Library
Java (OSGi)
Java (Fabric8, OSGi)
Node.js (TypeScript)
DotNet (RestSharp)